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Mod City is a new, original brand. What has a mod (modern) city got to do with handmade scented candles? Well, we believe that it is only in a modern city that we cherish the value of handmade products so highly. 

Our personal spaces are getting smaller and more crowded. A carefully chosen scent that is softly emitting from your candle adds a personal touch to your living space. It is also uniquely comforting.

Candle lights are soft, like moonlight. It is less glaring, and adds a bit of magic and mystery to our modern life. 

Our pillar candles are a play between scent and colors. The fragrance oil concentration is at approximately 5.5%. If you prefer a candle that is pure fragrance with no distraction in shape or colors, please consider our container candles. They offer the highest concentration in fragrance oil that is safe for soy wax candles: 6.7-6.8%. Enjoy!

All our candles are handmade in Taiwan. We use only natural plant wax that is not harmful to your body: soy wax and beeswax. The colors, fragrance oils and pure essential oil that we use in our candles are imported from the US, France, Korea and other countries.

As our candles are made with natural plant wax only, some discoloration over time is normal. This does not affect the products' quality or use.